Integrated voucher scanning solutions

A number of external third-party systems are able to integrate with TalkBox vouchers to allow scanning and redeeming via their system. This means a voucher can be configured and sent from TalkBox, redeemed in your venue using the external system, and reported on in TalkBox. Typically, it is the point of sale system which will facilitate the scanning and redemption of TalkBox vouchers in your venue.

Current solutions

Below is a list of current third-party point of sale providers who support TalkBox voucher redemption:

If you’re intending on redeeming TalkBox via your point of sale provide please ensure you’re using a software version that supports TalkBox voucher scanning (click the link for your POS above to find out more) and that you have up to date scanners installed at your venue.

Updated on March 30, 2022

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