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How to create a template from scratch

Promotions are at the core of all TalkBox communications. Promotions are the content that is displayed when an email is opened and can be viewed via a link in SMS communications and Tweets.

This article will show how to build your own template using a blank layout in the TalkBox promotion editor in 6 steps.

Navigation: communications > create new

Step 1: Choose a layout

  • Select a layout from the options on the screen, if you’re unsure the full-width layout is the easiest and most flexible to use.

Step 2: Add global styling

  • Edit the global options to add a page colour as well as default body colour, text colour and font.

Step 3: Add your logo & hero image

  • Drag & drop image blocks onto your layout.
  • Add your logo and hero images to the image blocks.
  • Remove padding if using full-width images (optional).

Step 4: Style your heading

  • Customise the style of your heading to suit your branding.
  • If using more than one heading in your layout click clone to reuse the styled heading.
  • Drag & drop a text area and fill with your company details.
  • Optionally, add in a social media area and add links to your company social accounts.
  • Style these areas to create a distinct footer area.

Step 6: Save layout as a template

  • Click the arrow next to ‘Save & continue’ and select ‘Save template’ from the options.
  • Name your template and it will now be available for future use under my templates.

Tip: Sending your first communication? Follow our sending series on how to send a communication for step by step instructions.

Updated on November 2, 2023

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