How to upload contacts

How to upload contacts to TalkBox from a spreadsheet (in 5 steps).

Navigation: contacts > upload contacts.

Step 1: Format & save your spreadsheet

  • Populate the first row of your spreadsheet with the field names. For example ‘First Name’, ‘Email’, ‘Mobile’, etc.
  • Ensure there are no gaps between columns.
  • Remove email hyperlinks if required.
  • Use one sheet only.
  • Save the file in CSV file format.

Step 2: Upload your contacts 

  • Navigate to upload contacts (under the contacts tab on the Dashboard).
  • Click the white area & select your saved csv file.
  • Click upload.

Step 3: Tag your contacts

  • Type your tag name into the blank space.
  • Press enter to add a tag or select a previously used tag from the drop-down.
  • Add as many tags as required.

Step 4: Map your fields

  • Some fields will automatically be mapped based on the field name in your spreadsheet, check that these have been matched correctly.
  • Some fields will not be mapped, select a field to map your data to or add a new field.
  • Click continue once you’ve completed mapping fields.

Step 5: Let your upload process

  • Allow anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours for your upload to complete, this will depend on the number of contacts being uploaded.
  • Check when complete to get a report on the number of contacts created and updated.

Upload complete!

Updated on November 28, 2019

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