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Deleting Uncontactable Contacts

You can easily manage and delete unwanted contacts from your account using the “Uncontactable” saved filter. To view these contacts, navigate to the My Contacts page, and apply the “Uncontactable” filter.

Click on Filter

Select “Segment” – is any of – “Uncontactable”, then click Search

filter for uncontactable on My Contacts page

You can then click “Select all” on the table

Then you can click “Delete” to delete the selected Contacts.

Note: Deleting contacts cannot be undone

What are uncontactable contacts?

Uncontactable refers to those contacts that are either:

  • unsubscribed from both emails and SMS communications, or
  • are unreachable due to their email address or mobile number bouncing, or
  • have neither an email address nor mobile number

A contact may be a combination of any of these, rendering them unable to receive communications.

Updated on October 16, 2023

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