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Ten useful filters to get more visits, more often

The visits fields in your TalkBox account allow you to filter and target customers based on their visitation and spending patterns.

Here are ten ways you can use these fields effectively to engage with your customers and keep them coming back.

1. Target your best customers

View your biggest spending, most frequent customers. Keep them coming back with an exclusive offer, give them access to special events and invite them to book before anyone else. 

2. Get more from low spending regulars

Don’t forget about regular customers who visit your business frequently but don’t spend much (yet). These customers are displaying signs of loyalty to your business and are worth nurturing. Keep them engaged and encourage them to spend more during their next visit.

3. Get big spenders to visit more often

Big spenders who don’t visit your business often are still valuable. To entice them to develop more regular visitation habits, target them with exclusive rewards and personalised communications.

4. Reward your most loyal customers

Target loyal customers who have visited your business more than ten times to thank them for their loyalty. A personalised thank you note and an attractive offer can further strengthen loyalty and build trust in your business.

5. Boost mid-week sales

Target customers who visit your business on the weekend and send them special offers that are only redeemable during quieter times mid-week. You can configure happy hour vouchers in TalkBox to drive traffic during these slower periods.

6. Target high-value customers who have been absent

Recover lost customers who are big spenders but have not visited your business for more than 60 days. To use this filter, count back 60 days from today’s date and input this date in ‘last visit date’ is before and select spend range is high.

7. Monitor visitation patterns with expected next visit

A significant number of customers in your database may have only visited your business once or twice and not returned. Obtaining more than two recorded visits enables Impact Data’s clever visitation algorithm to calculate an ‘expected next visit date’ for that customer. The expected next visit calculation means you can monitor your customer’s visitation and engage with them when they need it most.

8. Nurture high-spending first-timers

Encourage more visits from first-timers who have spent well. Target customers with one recorded visit, who had an ‘average visit spend’ more than a specified value such as $50. You can adjust the average visit spend to an appropriate amount for your business.

9. Target top spenders

Top spending customers are a valuable group that you want to send invitations to events or make note of, so your staff know when they visit your business. To use this filter, select the ‘average spend visit’ field and specify the amount. 

10. Target high-value weekend warriors

If you have a big event on the weekend but capacity is limited, you will want to make sure your best weekend customers know what’s happening. Target high spending customers who have previously visited on the weekend.

Updated on October 16, 2023

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