Head Office Features

TalkBox Head office lets you manage the marketing activities of multi-branch venues or brands with multiple separate TalkBox accounts. 

Head Office acts as a ‘control centre’ which allows you to access accounts, create and send communications, and manage the database of your individual accounts – from one place.

Head Office Features

  1. User Management

Add users to your Head Office account and allocate them to individual TalkBox accounts as ‘Users’ with restricted access or ‘Superusers’ with unrestricted access to all of your TalkBox accounts.

  1. Easy access to your accounts

See an overview of your individual accounts and easily login to each individual account from the ‘Accounts’ section of your Head Office account. 

  1. Group your accounts

If you have a large number of TalkBox accounts, you have the option to sort them into smaller groups for easier management. For example, if you have 100 TalkBox accounts, you may want to sort them into groups that belong together based on certain criteria such as the geographic location of the sub-branches such as “Venues – VIC”, “Venues – NSW” etc. This way you can select the account group instead of each individual account when sending out a communication from Head Office.

  1. Publish communications to multiple accounts

Create and publish one-off or automated communications into multiple TalkBox accounts. This powerful feature is useful if you wish to run the same promotion in more than one account.

  1. Publish templates to multiple accounts

Create and publish templates to individual or all TalkBox accounts. For example, if you wish to create one national ‘Newsletter’ template which is the same in all of your accounts, you can create this in Head Office and simply publish it to all accounts.

  1. Create vouchers in multiple accounts

Create one voucher in your Head Office account and publish to many TalkBox accounts.  

  1. Search for contacts

Search for contacts across all TalkBox accounts that are controlled by that Head Office.  Search for a contact by email address, mobile number or External ID. This can be useful if you wish to find out which account/s a contact exists in, to manage their subscription status across these accounts or to delete them if needed.

Head Office is a fantastic tool that can help you better manage and organise your marketing endeavours in multiple TalkBox accounts.

If you want more information about Head Office and how it can work for your business get in touch today

Updated on October 16, 2023

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