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Only account users in Head Office can log in to the Head Office account. There are two types of users.

  1. A Superuser – who has access to all individual TalkBox accounts that have been connected to the Head Office account and can add, edit or remove other users. 
  2. A Non-Superuser- who cannot add, edit or delete other users and only has access to the accounts that the Superuser has assigned to them.

Adding a new user

Navigation: Users > New

The Superuser can add a new user by sending an invitation to the new user’s email address. If the Superuser check box is ticked, the new user will have access to all accounts and will be able to manage other users. When a new user invitation is sent, they will receive a verification email to set a new password. 

Managing existing users 

Navigation: Users > Manage

To edit an existing user, select the ‘Edit’ button. Here you can add or revoke their Superuser status. If the user is not a Superuser, you can also assign the individual accounts you would like them to have access to. 

To remove a user from the account, select ‘Delete this user’.

Updated on January 31, 2023

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