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How to publish templates to multiple accounts

Head Office lets you create and publish templates into multiple accounts from one place. This means you can create a template in one place and use it across multiple TalkBox accounts.

This article shows how to create and publish templates from Head Office.

In Head Office navigate to: Templates

Step 1: Create your template

  • Select ‘New Template’ and select an existing template or an empty layout from the gallery
  • Select the thumbnail to load the template or layout in the email editor
  • Use the Drag-and-drop editor to design your promotion
  • Once completed, click on ‘Preview and Continue’, review your template and select ‘Save and Finish’

Learn more about creating a template from scratch.

Step 2: Save your template

  • Name your template
  • Select ‘Update Template’ to save your template
  • To return to the editor and make further changes, click on ‘Launch editor’

Step 3: Publish your template

  • Find your template on the ‘Templates’ page
  • Click on the drop-down button under the ‘Publish to TalkBox’ column
  • Select between ‘All accounts’ or ‘Selected accounts’ to publish your template
  • On this page, you have the option to use your template in a new message, share it with another Head Office user and edit or delete your template
Updated on October 16, 2023

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