Unique contacts

A unique contact is a single record within TalkBox and is identified by either an email, mobile number or in some cases a member number. To avoid duplicate records and a single contact receiving the same communication multiple times TalkBox uses a unique identifier to signify an individual contact. This means in the cases where the contact signs up to your list with two different email addresses, and in this case, the email is the unique identifier, that contact will be added to your list twice. In the same instance but the contact signs up with the same email address the new information will override the existing record, it will not create duplicate records.

Integrated accounts 

If your TalkBox account has a data integration, data is usually sent from your member-management/POS system to Impact Data, which is then processed and sent to TalkBox. Most TalkBox integrations flow one way, so data/changes are not generally sent back to your member management/POS system. This means any updates to individual contacts must be made via your member system external to TalkBox. 

For these accounts, contacts deleted in TalkBox will be re-added automatically when the integration next runs.

Mirror mode

If your TalkBox account is in mirror mode, your contact data mirrors your external member data, ensuring your member records are consistent across both platforms. In mirror mode, TalkBox uses an external member ID provided by your member management system (instead of an email address or mobile number) to identify contacts. This can be beneficial if your system allows members to share contact details.

Mirror mode can be implemented when TalkBox has an integration with your member management system; it’s most commonly used with member loyalty and gaming systems.

Click here for more information on mirror mode.

Updated on October 16, 2023

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