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Adding a reply-to email address

A reply-to address is an email address designated to receive direct responses to an email communication.

It allows you to specify an address different from the sender. For example, your email sender may be

Sender: theroyalhotel@talkbox.email
Reply-to: events@theroyalhotel.com.au

Reply-to addresses are often used when a particular department or individual needs to handle responses to emails separately from the sender, or where multiple people need to receive responses to a single email.

Add reply-to address to Email Sender Details

You can add a reply-to address to Email Sender Details.

Navigation: Settings > Communication

When either creating a new Sender, or editing and existing one, you can add the required email address in the “Reply-to” field.

See also our Managing Email Sender Details article

Updated on March 28, 2024

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