Unreachable Contacts

When you log into your TalkBox account you will find information about your contact list and the number of emails and mobile that are contactable, unsubscribed and unreachable.

When contacts get imported into TalkBox, they run through a validation system. This evaluates which email addresses are valid and which are not. If an email address is invalid, it gets flagged as unreachable and TalkBox will not attempt to send any communications to this email address. An email address will also be marked as unreachable if TalkBox has attempted to send a communication to a contact and it has bounced.

Why contacts are marked as unreachable

Continuously sending to email addresses that are invalid or cannot be delivered to can negatively affect the sender reputation of TalkBox and as a result your sender reputation. This means delivery rates across all TalkBox senders can decrease. It is in the interest of all TalkBox senders that TalkBox prevents communications from going out to email addresses that are invalid.

Mobile numbers that fail delivery are also marked as unreachable, in these cases the network carrier has responded that the number is not valid or was out of service.

Email Bounces

Email bounces indicate that your communications are undeliverable for a particular reason. There are a variety of reasons why an email can bounce:

  • The recipient’s email address is invalid
  • The recipient’s domain name is incorrect or misspelled 
  • The recipient’s server does not exist anymore 
  • The email you are sending is too large
  • The recipient’s mail server is temporarily unavailable 
  • The recipient’s mailbox is full 
  • etc.

Bounces can also occur due to the recipient email client’s anti-spam and security criteria. There are some basic measures you can take to improve your overall deliverability and consequently reduce the number of bounces that relate to these reasons. Read more about email delivery and deliverability here.

How to find the unreachable contacts in your account?

To view these contacts, navigate to the My Contacts page, and select Filter

Select “Email Status” or “SMS Status” – is – “Unreachable”, then click Search

You can use these options to find, and delete, email or mobile numbers that are not valid.

Updated on October 23, 2023

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