How to resubscribe a contact

TalkBox includes an unsubscribe link in every email or SMS which allows recipients to unsubscribe themselves from receiving communications from you. However, sometimes you may receive a request from a customer to be resubscribed.

This article outlines how to resubscribe a contact in TalkBox.

Step 1: Search & select your contact

  • Search for your contact using their name, email address, mobile number or external ID.
  • Click on the contact row when your search result appears.

Step 2: Update their channel subscription

  • Click to tick the subscription status box for the channel you want to subscribe the contact to.
  • When the confirmation pop-up appears select ‘Send link’ to confirm the action.
  • This will send a resubscription invitation to the contact via the chosen communication channel.
  • If resubscribing the contact to both email and SMS, repeat this step for each channel.

Step 3: Ask the contact to confirm the resubscription

  • In order to complete the resubscription, the contact must click on ‘Resubscribe’ in the communication they receive.
  • This will open up a web page and the contact will need to click on ‘Yes, resubscribe me!’ as part of the double opt-in process.
Updated on August 24, 2021

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