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How to create a voucher (vouchers part 1)

TalkBox has a fully-featured end-to-end voucher system. You can create, issue, redeem and track vouchers entirely within TalkBox. These vouchers can also be configured to be scanned and redeemed within a number of integrated external POS systems.

This article is part of the vouchers series and shows how to create a voucher in 5 steps.

Navigation: Tools > Vouchers > Create a new voucher

Step 1: Give your voucher a name & description

  • Provide a descriptive name and description of your voucher (these will be displayed within TalkBox and when the voucher is scanned for redeeming).

Step 2: Set voucher restrictions

  • Set an expiry from the options:
    • Never expires – voucher can be redeemed for an unlimited period of time.
    • Expires after – voucher can be redeemed for a set number of day after it has been issued.
    • Valid from – voucher can be redeemed during a set date/time period.
  • Apply date & time restrictions or select ‘every day’ and ‘all times’.

Step 3: Add voucher messaging (optional)

  • Setup voucher messages which will be automatically triggered:
    • Redemption message – triggered if a voucher is redeemed.
    • Reminder message – triggered a number of days before voucher expiry if the voucher is not redeemed.
    • Expiry message – triggered when a voucher is expired and has not been redeemed.

Step 4: Add user data (optional)

  • Add user data key and value if configuring a voucher with an integrated POS.

 Step 5: Save vouchers

  • Click ‘save voucher’ to finalise your voucher creation.

Keep going: this article is part of a series. Click here to continue to the next article on issuing vouchers.

Updated on March 30, 2022

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