Voucher Reminders for Redcat Coupons

Reminder messages are automated messages sent to a contact with a valid and unredeemed voucher at a set period before expiry. Voucher reminders help create a sense of urgency around voucher validity and encourage customers to visit or order. You can set up one or multiple reminders for your Redcat coupons to send an email or SMS at a specified time before an unused voucher expires.

The term ‘Voucher’ in TalkBox refers to the same term ‘Coupon’ used by Redcat. 

Here’s how: Navigation: Tools > Vouchers

1. Create your voucher reminder message

From the list of vouchers, select the three dots on the voucher you want to create a reminder for.

From the drop-down, select ‘Reminder Messages.’

Select “+ Add Message.’

2. Create your communication

Name your communication and select your channel/s.

Select your email template, and add any relevant information..

 Select ‘Confirm’.

3. Set your send time

You can send your reminder as close to the expiry as you like or even set up multiple reminder messages. 

Select when you want the reminder message sent and select ‘continue.’

4. Launch

When you are finished, launch your communication, check the details and select ‘Confirm.’

You can turn reminder messages on and off with the toggle under each message. 

You can preview and edit your reminder messages at any time.

Check the performance of your voucher in voucher reports.

Need help creating and issuing Redcat Coupons? Read our Redcat coupon article to help get you started.

A Redcat-connected TalkBox account does not use TalkBox’s own vouchers. It uses Redcat coupon programs from Pylgon Central from within your TalkBox account. TalkBox accounts can only be connected to Polygon Central by Impact Data support staff.
Contact our support team if you need any help with this step. 

Updated on October 16, 2023

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