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How to set up automated Anniversary communications

Anniversaries are a milestone to celebrate, with a loved one, your workplace and even your customers. If a customer had given you a whole year of business it’s a good idea to acknowledge the relationship and reward them for their loyalty. 

In TalkBox you can set up an automated communication to send every year on the date a customer first visited you. 

Here’s how:

Navigate to: Automated > Date triggered

Select ‘Add new”

Create your email and SMS 

See an example of an anniversary communication below: 

TIP: Include a gift for your customer such as a free drink voucher or a $ value voucher.


Select all contacts


Field name:  Select ‘Creation date’ OR ‘ First visit date’ from the drop-down

Day: ‘The day of’

Time: Specify a time that works for your business

Select: ‘Send every year’

Updated on October 16, 2023

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