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How to set up a welcome message

A welcome message or thanks for visiting is one of the easiest ways to keep your customers engaged and get a 2nd visit or purchase. You can set up a welcome message in TalkBox to send automatically after a customer signs up for the first time.

To create a welcome communications you will need to set up a ‘Date triggered’ automation. This article will guide you through setting this up in 4 steps.

Navigation: Automated > Date Triggered > add new date triggered communication

Step 1: Create content & review content

  • Select channel you wish to send the communication by; email or SMS.
  • Create content using the drag & drop editor. If you need to refresh your skills watch our creating an email video here.
  • Review content & send a test communication.
  • If using merge fields, use “preview content for” to review your personalisation.
    See a few great examples at the end of this article.

Step 2: Select your recipients

  • Select who will receive the communication,
  • Select ‘all contacts, which means the communication will be sent to any contact when they meet the trigger condition which is signing up via any method you have connected to your TalkBox account.

Step 3: Select your date trigger

  • Select ‘Creation date’ from the ‘Field name’ dropdown.
  • Edit the offset using the three drop-down options:
    • Number – select any number from 1-30.
    • Period – select from days, weeks, months or years.
    • Offset – select from before, after or on the day of.
  • It’s a good idea to send a welcome communication 1 or 2 days after creation date.

Step 4: Confirm & launch

  • Check that the recipient selection and trigger are both correct.
  • Click the confirm button in the lower left of the page.
  • Read through the details in the popup.
  • Click launch to send or schedule (if a later date & time has been selected) your communication.

Tip: A welcome message can be used as an opportunity to obtain valuable feedback about a new customer’s experience. By including an NPS feedback survey they are asked out of a score of 10 how likely they are to recommend your business to a friend. Invite customers with positive experiences to leave a comment on your review platforms or follow up those who gave neutral or negative feedback. Learn more about NPS feedback surveys here.

Updated on October 16, 2023

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