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How to increase your marketing opt-ins with QikServe and Impact Data

Building a customer database gives your business the power to drive revenue and influence demand. Your connection with QikServe means that when customers order online they have the chance to opt-in to receive marketing. The more customers that opt-in gives your business a larger audience to market to and invite back.

Our series of automated email and SMS set up to surprise, delight and reward customers will help get your business more orders more often.  

Here are our top tips to help you build your contact list and get the most out of TalkBox

  1. Promote it
    Tell as many customers as you can! Use your social media channels, include a banner on your website,  have signage, table talkers, posters around your premise. Outline how customers can join your contact list and why they should. 
  2. Incentivise opt-in
    Set up a Welcome message that includes an offer. This message should be sent the day after the first visit of new customers.  
  3. Edit your opt-in message
    Make customers want to opt-in by including what they will receive as their welcome gift and Birthday Offer.
    To change your opt-in message to make opting in more appealing get in touch with QikServe. Email support@qikerve.com to ask to change the text.
    Here are a few examples your can use for your opt-in text. 
    a) Opt-in to receive 20% off your next purchase and a special gift on your birthday.
    b) Opt-in to receive a free chips with your next order and ongoing rewards and offers. c) Join our crew! Opt-in to get weekly specials, rewards and a free meal on your birthday
  4. Outline benefits
    Make sure customers know they will be rewarded with loyalty offers when joining your contact list and opting in via QikServe.

Type of rewards and incentives you can offer are:

  • Welcome gift
  • Birthday gift
  • Milestone visit rewards
  • Invitation to try new products first
  • Exclusive offers and discounts

Campaigns to drive opt-ins

  1. Sign-up to receive 20% off your next order
    Create an email that sends to every customer who signs up. Include an offer to get them back. Learn how to set up date triggered communications.
  2. Birthday
    Send customers an offer for a free item two weeks before their birthday. Setup an automated communication that asks your customers to update their details and capture the date of birth. Learn how to set up an automated Happy Birthday communication in TalkBox
  3. Use the Net Promoter Score to get more reviews and boost your profile
    Ask customers for feedback after they visit you using the Net Promoter Score surveys in TalkBox with the incentive of an offer. Using the follow-up NPS communications you can send an offer to the customers who filled out the survey.  Invite customers who rated you highly to comment specifically on your loyalty program on your review platforms so other customers get FOMO. 
Updated on October 30, 2023

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