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How to create a date triggered communication

Date triggered communications are communications which are configured to send when a contact meets the criteria for sending. They can be set up to trigger from any date field in your TalkBox account.

This article shows how to create a date triggered communication in 4 steps. 

Navigation: Automated > Date Triggered > add new date triggered communication

Step 1: Create content & review content

  • Select channels from email and SMS.
  • Create content using the drag & drop editor.
  • Review content & send a test communication.
  • If using merge fields, use “preview content for” to review your personalisation.

Tip: Not familiar with the sending process? Click here to start reading our sending series for a detailed guide on creating content.

Step 2: Select your recipients

  • Select who will receive the communication using filters or tags, or have your communication send to any contact when they meet the trigger condition.

Tip: Unsure about how to use filters? Read our guide on how to select recipients or get a more in depth view by reading our article on understanding recipient selection.

Step 3: Select your date trigger

  • Select from any available date field in your account
  • Edit the offset using the three drop-down options:
    • Number – select any number from 1-30.
    • Period – select from days, weeks, months or years.
    • Offset – select from before, after or on the day of.
  • Choose a time of day for your communication to be sent.
  • Optionally select to send the communication every year, this will send based on the day and month regardless of the year.
  • Check that the recipient selection and trigger are both correct.
  • Click the confirm button in the lower left of the page.
  • Read through the details in the popup.
  • Click launch to send or schedule (if a later date & time has been selected) your communication.

Step 4: Confirm & launch

Updated on October 16, 2023

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