Custom Domains

TalkBox offers a “custom domain” feature to customise the Sender. This allows users to change the address of the Sender, so that it is the same as the From address.

For example, if you create an email sender in TalkBox, with the name “Your company” and address “”.

This will come through as the From address, and has a different domain from the default TalkBox sender:

This is displayed differently across email clients: take Gmail which emphasises From and Outlook that emphasises Sender.


From: Your Company <> via


Sender: on behalf of Your Company <>

Not all versions of Outlook display the “Sender”, newer versions display the “From” instead

A custom domain will mean that the From and Sender addresses will align (the same domain), and effectively remove the “via”.

While this will also allow the From address and Sender address to be aligned per a strict DMARC policy, this is primarily a cosmetic feature and is not required to ensure deliverability.

With a custom domain, the email client will instead display the following

From: Your Company


Custom domains incur an additional fee. Contact our support team to find out more.

Updated on November 10, 2023

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