How to unsubscribe a contact

Communications are sent with unsubscribe links which allow recipients to unsubscribe themselves from receiving email and/or SMS communications from your TalkBox account. However, periodically you may receive a request from a customer to manually unsubscribe them from your communications. This can be done easily in TalkBox.

This article shows how to unsubscribe a contact in TalkBox in two steps.

Navigation: Contacts > My contacts

Step 1: search & select your contact

  • Search for your contact using their name, email address, mobile number or external ID.
  • Click on the contact row when your search result appears.

Step 2: remove their channel subscription

  • Click to untick the subscription status box for the channel you want to unsubscribe the contact from.
  • When the confirmation pop-up appears click ‘unsubscribe’ to confirm the action.
  • If unsubscribing the contact from both email and SMS repeat this step.
Updated on November 28, 2019

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