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How to make your first impression count with a Welcome communication

Sending an SMS or email just after a customer has visited you or signed up is a great way to keep your customers engaged and drive loyalty. This type of message is important to get right because it can be the easiest way to turn a first-timer into a loyal repeat customer. Remember if they have ‘opted-in’ to receive marketing communications from you, they want to hear from your business. Here are a few ways you can improve your ‘Welcome’ or ‘Thanks for visiting’ communications.

Thanks and Welcome
Saying ‘Welcome’ or ‘Thanks’ lets your customers know you appreciate them. Address them by their first name by adding a merge field into your subject line or the body of your email. Learn more about merge fields here.

Get in quick
Sending your communication just after the initial visit will capture customers when their interest in your business is at its peak.  Send on the day of or the day after your customer has visited you.

Tell your story 
Introduce your business and let your customers explore and learn about your business by including links to your website and social media. Tell them what to expect when receiving these communications.  Information such keep your eye out for our emails which include special promotions, new products and competitions. 

Ask them to add your address
Remind your customers to add your sender address to their contacts in their email account. This will prevent future communications from getting lost or ending up in their spam. ‘A sentence such ‘add our email to your contact list so you don’t miss out on anything!’ is a great way to keep the relationship going. 

Include an offer they can’t resist
Getting a 2nd visit is the first step towards transforming a first and only time visitor into a loyal customer. Guarantee a 2nd visit with an irresistible offer such as a voucher to spend on their next visit or a 2-4-1 deal so they can introduce a friend to your business.  

Ask for feedback 
A first time visitor is valuable for your bottom line but can also give you a fresh insight into your business. Including a Net Promoter Score feedback survey (NPS) in your welcome communication can help discover aspects of your business that may need improvement or even help you get more reviews on popular review platforms.  Learn about NPS here.

Updated on October 23, 2023

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