Building a saved filter

Saved filters are useful in TalkBox as a quick way to access contact filtering configurations you repeatedly use. The number of contacts in a saved filter may change over time based on who currently meets the filter criteria.

  • Saved filters are used in TalkBox when:
  • Selecting recipients for a communication.
  • Searching for contacts on the ‘my contacts’ page.

This article shows how to build a saved filter in 3 steps.

Navigation: contacts > filters

Step 1: Add a new filter

  • Click on the ‘create a new filter’ button on the Saved Filters page.
  • Add a descriptive name for your filter.

Step 2: Add your filter criteria

  • Select a field, condition and value to start building your filter. This first field is the basis of your filter.
  • Add additional fields as required to further define your filter.
  • Check the number of contacts that meet the criteria of your filter.

Tip: Unsure about to properly use the filter components? Click here to read more how filters work in TalkBox.

Step 3: Save your new filter

  • Click on the ‘create’ button to save your filter. This will reload the saved filters page with your new filter displaying.
Updated on October 16, 2023

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