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Introducing RSL Rewards Automated

Communications to drive more visits, more often

Engage with your members with help from Impact Data

Anzac House and our partner Impact Data, the business behind TalkBox, are here to equip you with a hands-free marketing tool to regularly engage with your members, build your community and get your members back into your venue.  

Impact Data, customer engagement and retention experts have created a mix of member and automated messages your members will love receiving. These messages are personalised and triggered by unique data on their profile, such as date of birth, visitation pattern or membership anniversary.  PLUS you can unlock even more opportunities to engage with your members by upgrading to include your POS data.

Member Messages 

This series of emails and SMS are designed to engage with your members on milestones such as when they first join, have a birthday or to remind them about your function space.

The welcome message

Sent the day after a member has just joined or visited you for the first time. This message will thank new customers for visiting and invite them back. Include an offer to entice them further.

Happy Birthday Message

Invite your customers to celebrate with you. This message is sent two weeks before a customer’s birthday and includes a birthday gift from your business.

Function reminder

Regularly remind customers about your event or function packages. Recurring automated communications are set up to be sent every 4-6 months and work to remind customers about your function facilities.

Gift Card reminder

Regularly remind customers about your gift card options. Recurring automated communications are set up to be sent every 4-6 months and work to remind customers about your gift cards.

Milestone Birthday

Acknowledge significant birthdays and invite customers to see your function packages. These messages are sent to contacts up to six months before the date of birth of contacts who have an upcoming milestone birthday such as 30th, 40th, 50th etc. Include details about your events or functions manager.

Automated Messages 

Engage with your members when they need it most. Automated messages are triggered by your member’s visitation and spend in your bar and bistro. Engage with your big spenders, or celebrate when a member reaches a spend threshold.

Revisit messages

Our series of revisit messages target customers who have only visited your business once and have not returned. These are sent after their 1st and 2nd visit is they haven’t returned in 30, 60 or 90 days. We recommend including a voucher that increases with generosity as the time from their first visit increases.

Voucher Reminder

Automatically remind customers about unused vouchers before they expire. This reminder creates a sense of urgency and can help prompt a visit.

Milestone visits

Reward loyal customers

Celebrate loyalty by acknowledging milestone visits such as on their 5th, 10th or even 20th visit. Reward your loyal customers with a voucher to show your appreciation for them.

Late/Lost /reactivate customer message

This is a series of 3 messages that target customers who haven’t visited 30, 60 and 120 days after their expected next visit. 

Tip: TalkBox calculates an expected next visit after a contact has visited 3 or more times. This calculation is an estimation of the time frame between visits

Member messages combined with Automated messages will help to nurture, engage and build your community of members to get them visiting your venue. Automated messages can be added to your account by connecting your Jensen POS for $150 per month. 

Ready to get started engaging with your members? Talk to us today.

Updated on January 25, 2024

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