Using location fields

If your business has multiple sites connected to one TalkBox account, your field sets may include location fields. 

Location fields provide valuable information about your customer’s visitation behaviour. You can use these fields in filters, merge fields, and even to filter reports. 

TalkBox accounts that enable location fields will see –

Last location visited – see the last location your contact has visited

Locations visited – See every one of your locations that the contact has ever visited

Here’s how to use the location fields in just a few ways:

  1. Drive traffic to a particular store

Send a communication to customers who have already visited that store and include an irresistible offer.

TIP: Make the voucher only valid during off-peak times to ensure you don’t cannibalise full-priced sales.

Create your communication

At the ‘who’ stage, create a filter using the ‘Locations Visited’ field and select the location you want to target.

2. Ask for feedback for a particular store

After a change of management or a new store opening, feedback can be a great way to understand customer sentiment. 

Create your communication and insert the NPS feedback survey. Include the store location in the body of the email as a merge field. See an example email below. 

Once you have run the feedback campaign, you can view the NPS report

Navigate to reports > NPS Survey

Use the filter to view all NPS surveys for that location.

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Updated on November 30, 2023

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