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Acquire more members with an Impact Data Guest Account

If your club or venue has a loyalty system, your will TalkBox account will be in mirror mode. This lets you communicate with your members. While communicating with your members is a very important part of your marketing strategy, what about guests and visitors to your venue? They may be interested in exciting updates, competitions and new menus and could even be interested in joining your club.

Do you have additional data sources such as a booking platform, guest WiFi or a sign-up form on your website which allows your guests – who may or may not be existing members in your loyalty system – to opt-in to receive communications from you? Subscribers from these data sources could be converted into paying members.

An  Impact Data ‘Guest account’ is a second account for clubs and venues with a loyalty program. Having two databases will ensure that once your lead nurturing marketing campaigns are effective and a guest becomes a member, they will be added to your loyalty system and no longer be sent communications that are intended for prospective members.    

Clubs and venues with a loyalty program who want to drive new membership sign ups from additional data sources are recommended to have two TalkBox accounts: 

  1. A main member account in mirror mode 
  2. A  ‘Guest  account’ which is comprised of prospective members who are not present in the mirrored loyalty system

The purpose of this secondary account is to nurture and encourage the guest contacts to join your loyalty program. You can do this with a series of automated communications in TalkBox designed to welcome and introduce prospective members to the fantastic benefits of a membership at your venue. 

Once a guest contact is converted and signs up to be a member of your club,  they are imported to your main account via your integration. Impact Data then compares the contacts between the guest and loyalty account, identifies the nurtured members and removes them from the guest account. This means you can focus your full attention on your marketing strategy and TalkBox will do the rest to keep your databases separate.

If you would like to hear more about how we can help you use this feature to engage and convert the prospective leads from your additional data sources, please contact our support team at support@impactdata.com.au

Updated on October 30, 2023

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