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Your UK Impact Data Partners are here to help

The Impact Data team has been working with our data partners to understand what services they are offering that can help your business through these tough times.

From online ordering, vouchers and delivery integrations we have gathered them here.  If your partner is on the list and you need one of these services, then reach out and get your business moving and then touch base with us so we can help you connect it to your TalkBox account.

Bepoz customers can set up online ordering and connect the customer data to their TalkBox account.  

Fydelia have suspended billing for existing customers but are waiting for you to reach out and prepare your business for after the shutdown.  If you aren’t capturing data with Guest WiFi, now is the time to get it sorted ready for when your doors open. Fydelia are offering free services until the lockdown has been lifted for new customers as well.

Build your own app with delivery, ordering and loyalty. Then use TalkBox as your communication platform to keep the conversation going and build your business. LOKE is investing up to £300,000 to support the hospitality/retail industry, deploying delivery (with or without drivers) and click & collect technology to help them pivot to a takeaway model. They have removed contract periods and licensing fees, have national driver coverage and offer very competitive rates.

The team at ResDiary have a whole host of resources to help customers including selling vouchers and setting up a food collection or delivery service.  For more details click here. The great news is these customers can automatically be added to your TalkBox account

Property management, online booking and front office system integrated with your TalkBox account can help accommodation properties connect to guests permanently. RMS allows your guests to be automatically added to a TalkBox account and take advantage of Impact Data’s expertise in helping engage your customers, build repeat business and obtain more referrals. RMS are offering a substantial discount on training costs to get properties up and running.

SwitPOS can get your business online quickly including hospitality and retail and connect directly to your TalkBox account. 

New partners we are just getting started with and hope to have your TalkBox account connected to soon.

An online food delivery service without the huge commissions.  Learn more here 

Delivering contactless ordering for order ahead and take away. 

The team at ICR Touch offer a fully hosted online shop for takeaways no matter the scale of your business. For details click here

Updated on April 16, 2020

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