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Your communications checklist to reopening

As we start to think about easing back into normal life, Impact Data has put together a communications checklist to help get you started.

If you have been communicating with your customers, you will be in a great position to make your reopening smooth and successful. If you haven’t been engaging with your audiences during the lockdown, you will be in a more challenging position to capture attention.  But it’s never too late to start reminding your customers and members about your business, so get cracking.

  1. Update your automations.
    Review all your automated communications and ensure that you update your offers and activate them again. You might want to think about all your customers who had a birthday during your period of closure. Send them a message a week or two before re-opening to tell them you haven’t forgotten.
  2. Plan your communications.
    Although you may need to move quickly to respond to government directives, that will be easier if you have spent some time planning your themes and getting your images and content ready. Have your re-opening communications ready to go so as soon as you can re-open you send out information to your customers.  It will be one less thing to organise in the lead-up.
  3. Segment your audience.
    Prioritise your best customers and consider different messages for different segments.  There will likely be a rush of messages sent by businesses as we get closer to key opening milestones so consider a different message, and different offers for each customer segment.
  4. Connect and update your data sources.
    Has your Guest WiFi, reservation platform or POS been turned off for a while?  Make sure you connect them and test that data is flowing into your TalkBox account before the opening.
  5. Update your message.
    Is it time to update your emails, imagery or even content?  Now might be a good time to refresh, especially if you have updated your menu and drinks list. Gather new images and start working on updated copy.
  6. Freshen up your templates.
    Check your links, update opening hours and add new social media channels that you have added. If you would like help updating your email templates contact hello@impactdata.co.uk
  7. Remember all of your audiences.
    It’s not just customers that you need to keep informed during this time; don’t forget your staff, suppliers or even customers who had to cancel event bookings. Make a plan for what you need to say to each of these audiences; this will help to get your timing and tone right for each group.
  8. Align your brand messages.
    Check all the other places that you communicate with customers: your website, social media and even your menus.

If you need help with setting up automations, templates or data sources, get in touch with the team at Impact Data. Hello@impactdata.co.uk

Updated on June 18, 2020

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