1. Welcome message -1 day after sign up

  • This is triggered only once for new customers. It’s important to turn it back on to make sure you are welcoming new customers effectively and inviting them back. 
  • If you haven’t already, consider adding an offer and feedback to understand how your customers feel about your business. Learn more about adding a feedback survey here. 
  • If you had this disabled during lockdown but still allowed new customers to sign up consider sending a once-off campaign to onboard and welcome them to your business.

    Learn more about winning welcome messages.

2. Win back – New communication

  • Connect with customers that haven’t had a second visit. We suggest an automated campaign with a strong offer such as a venue voucher or 2 for 1 main meal to encourage customers to come back to your venue.
  • These campaigns can be scheduled at either 30 or 60 after a visit days to get a customer to return. 

3. Birthday message – standard automation

  • Turn birthdays back on as soon as possible. 
  • Send a one-off campaign to those customers whose birthday occurred during lockdown,  invite customers to return and take up their missed birthday offer. 
  • Include an invitation to contact your venue to organise a celebration for the birthday they missed.
    Learn more about creating Birthday communications.

5. Function message – Recurring automated communication

  • Set up a communication to remind your members about your great function facilities. We recommend scheduling it to run once per quarter.

Tip: You can use recurring automated communications to remind customers about your gift vouchers and catering. =

Make automated communications start working for you again!

Get in touch with the Impact Data team if you need any assistance turning them back on, or have any questions. hello@impactdata.co.uk

Updated on March 16, 2021

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