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Top ideas and suggestions to help keep business flowing

Now is not the time to go dark on your audience according to the Hospitality Magazine so the team at Impact Data are here to help.  

More than ever it’s time to engage with your customers, members and staff and keep them updated on what’s happening at your business

Here’s a list of the top ideas we have gathered from our team, clients and industry partners and experts to help your business.

  1. Tell customers about your online ordering or who your ordering partners are
  2. Create some grab’n’go options from your menu and let customers know that you do takeaway options.  
  3. Keep your emails visual, use images of your staff and your food to create a personal touch and remind your customers why they love your business
  4. Closed for food but have a window where you can still do takeaway coffee?  That’s a great text to send early morning when you know people want coffee
  5. Can you move some of your entertainment online?  This is a great way to keep members and customers entertained while they might be in isolation
  6. Is your community connected?  Perhaps you could ask members whether they can help people who are isolated and connect them with people who need help.  Use a TalkBox form to get people to tell you their status
  7. Get local businesses together and form a ‘delivery cartel’ to get food and coffee to your clients
  8. Give customers a reason to buy now.  We have seen a number of businesses selling vouchers with a % off.  Perhaps 20% off a gift voucher value is a good reason to get customers to buy now and help your business with cash flow now.
  9. Have you planned your business around social distancing? Eg have you moved some tables out to provide greater gaps?  That’s something to let people know 
  10. Keep connected with your customers with things like – tips from your chef to keep your stay at home meals interesting or even a make at home version of some of your popular dishes or cocktails
  11. It’s time to build your audience so add a sign up button to your website and social media pages to grow your database to keep customers informed.

Got an idea you would like to share?  Email us at hello@impactdata.com.au

Updated on April 8, 2020

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