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Saving and editing drafts

Anytime during the creation and sending process, you can save your communication as a draft. Saving a communication as a draft will allow you to continue editing it and complete the send process at a different time in the future.

This article will cover how to save a communication as a draft and how to continue working on a previously saved draft.

Navigation: Communications > Drafts

Saving as a draft

To save a communication as a draft on the editor page select the down arrow icon next to the ‘save and continue’ button and select ‘save and exit’ from the drop-down options.

On all other stages of the send process you can save a draft by selecting the ‘save for later’ option next to the ‘continue’ button.

Editing a draft

Once you’ve saved your draft you can continue editing it at any point in the future by selecting it from the drafts page. This page is found under communications > drafts.

To launch your draft simply click on the name of the draft in the list. The draft will load into the communication stage you saved it from.

Updated on January 23, 2020

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