Great ideas and community campaigns

The Impact Data team have been working with a number of partners and ideas that are all aimed at keeping the hospitality industry afloat and showcasing community campaigns that can keep customers engaged.  

Here’s some we have come across and are supporting however we can.
SilverChef and InKind are behind this fantastic idea where customers can buy now and save later and help keep their favourite restaurants afloat. If you are a restaurant owner and you have a loyal customer base that are looking for ways to help, this is it.  Check for details. 
Brewing giant CUB is partnering with the Australian Hotels Association to donate up to $1million in beer.  Customers buy a beer and CUB will match it and customers can even shout a mate. It’s almost like ‘beer futures’ and it means cash for your venue now and a captive audience when you reopen.

Cellar Door Challenge
The team from Junovate are behind the Cellar Door Challenge with the aim of showcasing 500 wineries and 1000 wines in 180 days.  Customers are asked to make a video or take a photo of themselves enjoying one of their favourite wines and challenge three other friends to do it as well. The team are reaching out to wineries so that they can connect with wine lovers and chat with them about the wines they are enjoying.

One of the industries that has been devastated by the virus is the arts and live performing community.  Many of these artists rely on venues for bookings, exposure and income and that has all dried up. One of the ideas that has come out this is to create a site of live gigs.  Check it out here.

The Momento Hospitality Group has started the charge to #helpouthospo to help casual hospitality workers.  The public can get involved by buying cooking and cocktail training videos from experts like Matt Moran, make a donation or become a sponsor.  To learn more click here.

The team from Group Together a payment platform have created a new concept of Keep Your Cafe where you can register your business and sell vouchers to keep your business going.  For more details check out the link here.

Some other great community ideas we have seen:

  • Paying for a meal for front line health care staff – a pub close to a local hospital asked its customers to buy a meal for the front line hospital staff that they then delivered.
  • local businesses in Melbourne’s inner west have got together to create a website to sell digital vouchers for their business to keep their cash flowing.

If you are aware of other great ideas or have created your own and would love to share then let us know at 

Updated on May 19, 2020

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