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For the love of loyalty

Loyalty guru Adam Posner gathered loyalty professionals from across the world to contribute to 119 customer loyalty ideas to beat Covid-19.  Ideas covered 9 main themes: strategy, data analysis, program structure, rewards & benefits, experience, communication, community, team and customer service.

Our Director of Sales & Marketing, Sarah Franklyn contributed to the list including these ideas below:

 Send some selected customers a ‘care package’ of your newest products or products you are considering ranging and ask them to do a video review. Great content but also some good research. 

Keep engagement levels with members high by creating a competition for customers to share their best brand story or what they did with their last loyalty reward.

If you have automated messages, then you might need to update them. Eg if you are sending birthday messages with the option to come in and dine, you might change the language to say that we are thinking of you and we will have your special offer waiting for you

There is a number of great ideas that will challenge you to think differently about your loyalty offering now and beyond this crisis.  To read the full report click here

Updated on April 15, 2020

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