Creating Twitter content

TalkBox has a dedicated page for creating and editing Twitter content during the sending process. On this page you can edit and preview your Twitter content including the tweet and the link to the promotion.

This article covers the elements of the Twitter content creation page, for a more detailed article on sending a communication and creating a promotion content click here.

Content editing & previews

On this page the preview area will update as you add content to the editing area. The layout of the editing and previews areas are shown in the image below.

Your Twitter profile

Content will automatically display as if posted to the Twitter profile you have linked to your account. This can be managed within your account settings.

Publishing your post 

As with sending any other communication in TalkBox, you can send right away, or schedule to send at a specified time. Follow the same sending procedure, or if you would like additional help on this see our article on sending a communication.

Updated on November 28, 2019

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