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Your business may look a little different when you re-open.  From an operational perspective as well as the changing landscape of social distancing there is a lot of information you will need to communicate to your customers. 

Below are some examples you may want to use to keep your customers, engaged, informed and feeling safe.

Businesses may have stopped but birthdays didn’t. If you disabled your automations during this time you may way to let customers know you haven’t forgotten about them. Activate your birthday communications with an edited message in line with your re-opening schedule.

Cleaning and safety
Notify your customers of cleaning practices. This might seem like an obvious part of your re-opening. It will be important to make a song and dance of what you are doing to keep customers safe to boost consumer confidence in dining out. A communicating outline your cleaning protocol, staff training and how social distancing will work in your venue.

Opening hours, capacity and booking information.
Venues will be required to capture details of all guests who enter and limit capacity to adhere to social distancing regulations. Send a communication outlining your current capacity limit and how to book. If you need help connecting with a booking platform get in touch with the Impact Data team today.

Updated on May 19, 2020

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